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Add inspiration

weather we’re making a market strategy or a product we first need to get a clear insight in the end user and their needs.

We do this by different levels of observations, interviews, workshops and probes. Each tweaked to the specific project.

The research is then condensed in a ITK (identity tool kit) which we use as a guideline during the project.

In the end it’s almost always about asking the right questions.


Add ideation

What’s the next big thing? well, If we could look in to the future there would be an easy answer. The problem is that we can not. What we can do however is to use the result of our deep research, our designer tool kit and our over 10 years of experience to create bold and innovative concepts that hopefully put a smile on peoples faces.


Add interaction

We love to interact with people! So we always make sure to work close to the production and prototype a lot on sight to get insight in the posibilities and limitations of each process. And we love to work with focus groups and arrange wokshops to try out our wild ideas. This gives us fast and important insights first hand with the different stakeholders.

It often the most obvious solutions that are hardest to see!


Add innovation

Now, when you add all of the research, ideation, interaction and experience together, then you get true innovation!

This might be why most of our clients keep working with us year after year. Some of our clients has collaborated with us for more than 8 years!