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Cottage, storage system


Create a new module based storage system for an activity based workplace.


Cottage is built out of three different types of storing modules for the different needs at the workplace, and two types of frames that creates space, flexibility and give life to the concept. Cottage does not have e defined front and back which makes it suitable to place in the middle of the room.

We have decided to divide the storage between the smaller locker, for your private things, and the larger lockers for the shared storage. The size of the smaller locker is adjusted to fit the typical things used in a office space such as a laptop, folders etc. The team lockers gives you space for materials relating to a project, group, department or all something that everyone should have access to. You could also use them to store jackets, gym bags or other outerwear that you don’t fit in our personal locker. With RFID-locks you could easily adjust the access to the lockers to keep a safe workplace

The larger framewok with upholstery gives you a space for a short rest after that bike ride to work, a place to sit down and take a phone call or just somewhere to tie your shoe .





Concept, Development, 3D Visualization, CAD Drawing