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A multidisciplinary designstudio with focus on human centered design

We are designers, thinkers, entrepreneurs, teachers and more! We work in i wide field, from furniture to graphic design. But we always deliver holistic, innovative and bold solutions that put a smile on peoples faces!


This is the Addi process

Unique process

Addi dare to take turns and suggest out-of-the-box concepts. Highly efficient deliveries under time pressure and always deliver on time. ADDI are unique in the process, efficiency and cooperation with the customer.

Isabelle Lekås, Project Leader, Nestlé Healthcare

Passionate Performance

So happy with our collaboration with Addi. It's our eight year working together and they really keep us surprised with their solutions.

Per-ove Rosenkvist, Nordic Steam

Think outside the box

Addi really sees the greater picture. They help us stay ahead towards our competition.

Richard Muskala, Mizetto


Addi are really taking playful design seriously!

Carl Zedig, PLAYSAM

Selected Clients